Red Blob Massacre is a short silent horror film about a young woman, Maddy Blitz, who has horrendously ugly teeth. Enduring constant torment from her peers and an awkwardly sterile family life, Maddy’s violent nightmares manifest themselves into a surprisingly cute Red Blob, who Maddy then uses to seek revenge on her tormenters. As the Red Blob grows bigger and bigger with each victim, Maddy slowly begins to lose control..

The premiere of Red Blob Massacre took place in April, 2012 in the cavernous underground hallways of the Cavern Club (formerly an old mill) in Ann Arbor, MI. The club was transformed to appear as if it was inside the Red Blob. Performers wearing ugly teeth interacted with the audience as they entered the space. A screening took place in the longest cavernous hallway. The ending, unexpectedly, transformed into a live performance that ended with a celebratory dance party. All audience members by the end of the night wore ugly teeth of their own, and took turns dancing in the mouth of the Red Blob.

Written & Directed by: Emilia Javanica
Assistant Directors: Ian MacInnes & Jan Trumbauer
Director of Photography: Jessica Renée Lee
Assistant Director of Photography: Alan Torres
Lighting Design: Matt Infante
Puppet Design & Art Direction: Emilia Javanica
First Assistant Camera: Walter Lin
Grips:Joe Reed & Brett Firlik
Sound Design: Simon Alexander-Adams
Location Sound: Mike Chen, Rolando Palacio, Živan Rosić, Wes Swartz & Eric Lundgard
Green Screen Videographer: Jacques Mersereau
Green Screen Lighting Design: Jeff Alder
Editing & Stop Motion Animation: Emilia Javanica